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cordova farm

The Cordova Farm project comprises an addition that marries a porch with a family room with a pool house. A modern addition to a farmhouse amidst cornfields, the new interior space of the family room opens up directly to a pool. The modern addition touches lightly on the existing farmhouse - creating a clear separation between new and old.

The "exterior room" in which the pool sits is shaped by a boardform concrete wind wall to the northwest, and two planted berms raising the pool terrace to be at the level of the family room. The wind wall marks the distinction between the manicured landscape and the farmland with a tall corn stalk wall division.

When the family room bifold doors are folded open, the spaces flow one into the other, bringing the cornfields beyond into the family room. A daringly cantilevered roof hovers over a terrace, seeming to draw the pool into the interior. Materials, especially the floor and terrace, support the blurring of the exterior and the interior.

Project Credits

Campion Hruby Landscape Architecture

1200 Architectural Engineers

Lane Engineering