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This bathroom was carved out of a mudroom in a Chicago-style bungalow in Atlanta, Georgia. The goal was to create a bathroom space that blended the indoors with the outdoors. Even in this tiny bathroom, natural light and materials evoke the out-of-doors and extend the sense of connection to nature, while also making the room feel more spacious. Primarily slate, maple, and glass, the natural materials create a sense of being in an outdoor shower.

The vanity top is a glass lavatory counter top, allowing the space to extend from wall-to-wall. Flanking seven-foot-tall cabinets of maple and glass support the tempered glass counter top, and a stainless steel sink bowl is set within the glass.

For maximum daylight, the skylight well tapers from the flat ceiling up to the glass in the gabled roof. Ceiling joists extending through the well are wrapped in maple, creating the sense of a pergola emerging from the ceiling and filtering the sunlight into the bathroom below.