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tropical craftsman

Developed by Gardner Mohr Architects LLC, this c.1917 four-square Shingle Style house sits on a double lot in Chevy Chase, Maryland. An eclectic assortment of craftsman windows, saw-tooth shingle siding and interior chestnut trim inspired the rebirth of its Craftsman-at-heart self. The 4-story addition was designed to defer to the stately presence of the original front entry porch while at the same time minimize its size in order to keep the house in scale and harmony with its early 20th century neighborhood. Old windows were carefully refurbished and original interior trim was restored to preserve the character of the old house.

The program called for the removal of two old rear additions to make way for a new kitchen, a library which also serves as a dining room, a master bedroom suite above and an outdoor lanai, or covered porch. On the first floor a central, light-filled loggia connects the old with the new and merges the house with the garden. The kitchen is the central hearth, with warm furnishings, an abundance of south light and easy connections to the lanai, garden, family room and library-dining room. On the second floor the new master bedroom suite includes spacious and calming places for bathing, dressing and sleeping, and enjoys both a panoramic view to the rear garden and a winking eyebrow window to the front.